Animal Quest Book Series

I often wondered as a child what it would be like if my stuffed animals suddenly came to life and talked to me. What would they say? Would they be happy in their lives … or, like us, would they be searching for more? Would they want to go out and see the world, or simply stay at home? And if my beloved stuffed animals were to magically come to life one day and get loose, how far would I go to get them back? These were just some of the questions that led me to write these books for children, ages 8+. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Animal Quest 1

What can go wrong when a wish comes true? Before Olivia and Alex can find out, a stuffed owl, brought to life by magic and love, whisks them away on a heroic journey. They have to rescue a dear friend in a dark and dangerous jungle. Can they do it … or will they become a tiger’s dinner?

animal quest 1 - david smith author

Animal Quest 2

One night, Olivia’s and Alex’s stuffed animals came to life and made a daring escape back into the wild. Now the kids must face danger to bring back their beloved friends. With time running out, they journey to Ireland to bring back Alex’s lost sheep. Will they be successful in their search … or will the ghost of an old Viking warrior get them first?

animal quest 2 - book cover - dr. david smith books

Animal Quest 3

​It’s Alex and Olivia’s most sizzling adventure yet! A raging wildfire in California is threatening the lives of all the animals who live there. With the help of their friend Madelyn and the wise Professor Feathers, Olivia and Alex must risk everything to save their two beloved bear cubs before it’s too late! Will they find the bears and get them out in time… or is this mission too hot for the kids to handle?

animal quest 3 - book cover - dr david smith books

Animal Quest 4

​A mysterious illness is attacking Professor Feathers and the birds of prey at a nearby animal sanctuary. With the help of a special friend, Olivia and Alex leap into action to save the wise owl and other birds. Their quest will take them into a forest filled with dark magic and danger. Will they find the cure before it’s too late?

animal quest 4 - book cover - dr david smith books

Animal Quest 5

Danger is waiting for Olivia and Alex when Professor Feathers whisks the children off to Antarctica to find their lost penguin, Flipper. It will take more than courage to save them from a terrifying blizzard–they will need help from some unlikely friends. Will the children find Flipper before it’s too late? Or will this mission leave them frozen in fear?

animal quest 5 - book cover - dr david smith books

Animal Quest 6

Professor Feathers, Olivia, and Alex enter a magical portal into a dark and dangerous world of adventure. Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, trees are being cut down by the thousands every day. The threat to the animals that live there is very real–but the threat to the whole planet is even greater! Will they be able to stop the damage to the rainforest, and rescue Alex’s lost spider monkey, before it’s too late?

animal quest 6 - book cover - dr david smith books

Animal Quest 1, 2 & 3

For the first time ever in print… all three Animal Quest novels in one complete book! Join the adventure with Olivia and Alex, two young but brave explorers who must journey around the world to rescue their lost stuffed animals. Brought to life by a magical wish, the animals are in need of help. It will take courage, love, and the help of a wise and magical owl named Professor Feathers, to bring them all back home.

animal quest 1 2 & 3 - book cover - dr david smith books