Teen Fantasy, Horror & Suspense

I love a good ghost story. I mean, who doesn’t, right? Below are my books I’ve written for kids middle grade and YA. Filled with creepy chills, these books are guaranteed to keep you up all night! Contact me and let me know what you think of them!

The Dead of Night

When the darkness whispers do not listen. In the stillness, there is movement. Where there is darkness, there are eyes watching you. Even the silence cannot be trusted to be empty, for the night holds terrors you cannot imagine. Go boldly, if you dare, with this anthology of stories and see what horrors await you. But be warned: there is room in the darkness for one more soul. ​And those who walk the dead of night are always hunting.

the dead of night - book cover - dr david r smith author

The Door to Andara

Nightmares and strange hallucinations. Creatures haunting his bedroom closet. Why are these things happening to eleven-year-old Nate Cole? Life for Nate is sad since a family tragedy one year ago. All he wants is for his family to go back to being normal again. But the road to normal sometimes leads to strange places. In a dream Nate’s twin sister Annalyn calls out to him for help. Nate would do anything for Annalyn, even help her in a quest to save the planet from an evil sorcerer. Except there is one question that troubles Nate, and finding the answer will lead him on an adventure to a universe beyond our own: How can Annalyn need his help when she died one year ago?

the door to andara - book cover - dr david r smith author

The Edge of Midnight

Embark on a journey along the back roads of fear. In these sinister tales you will take a detour down the misty highway of nightmares, visit a haunted wood in the dead of night, and meet phantoms of all varieties ready to steal your soul… or redeem it.

the edge of midnight - book cover - dr. david r smith author

Darkness Falling

Thirteen-year-old Ethan Chambers stands in shock as he peers over the edge of the bridge at the car below. The crushed, eerily silent car. Smoke drifts, and a torrent of rain begins to fall. How did this happen? It was only a simple initiation into a gang in Harmony Middle School, The Society. A mischievous prank. A little harmless fun. No one was supposed to get hurt. Now Ethan must decide: live with the consequences of his actions and their devastating effect on the community, or confess what he’s done, knowing that he may have to betray his friends’ trust. As the son of the town’s sheriff, no decision for Ethan will be easy. When The Society meets secretly in the basement of a crumbling old house reputed to be haunted, a rediscovered secret may point the way to Ethan’s salvation. But will he listen to a voice from the past and his own conscience before it’s too late?

darkness falling - book cover - dr. david r smith author

The Halloween House

A dark mansion on the shore of the Hudson River. A secret past. Voices whispering to him from empty rooms. These and other mysteries await twelve-year-old Seth Porter when he moves into Blystone Manor, a house no one dares to enter on Halloween night. Suddenly Seth knows what it means to be afraid–and what it means to face his fear. Will he discover what haunts the mansion the locals call the Halloween House … or will he end up trapped there for eternity, like the ghosts that wander the halls at night?

the halloween house - book cover - dr. david r smith author