Chronicles of Charlie

She’s smart, creative and loyal to her friends. So why does she keep making so many mistakes?

​We all knew a kid like Charlotte “Charlie” Flanagan when we were in school. A lot of fun, clever, creative … but with a strange tendency to put her foot in her mouth at the wrong times! Add to that a quick temper, and you get a hilarious kid who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble! But at least Charlie has one thing going for her — she’s a loyal friend!

This School Isn’t Big Enough for the Both of Us, Billy Blake!

Charlotte “Charlie” Flanagan wasn’t expecting fourth grade to end up like this. In fact, it was her worst nightmare come true. Of all the kids in the world, why did Billy Blake have to come back to her school? Charlie still remembers what happened on the second grade field trip to the zoo, and she has never forgiven Billy. With her life turned upside down, Charlie and her best friend Lucy plan to get Billy kicked out of school. But as their hilarious plot starts to unfold and the unexpected happens, she begins to regret ever thinking that this school isn’t big enough for the both of them.

chronicles of charlie - a billy blake - book cover - dr. david r smith author

A Trunk of Trouble

Now You See It … Now You Don’t! When Charlotte “Charlie” Flanagan hears about the school talent show contest, she knows exactly what she has to do: win at all cost! Anything is better than letting her pesky classmate, Andrea Miller, take the top prize. But is winning an all-day family pass to Ride ’N Slide Water Adventure Park worth the worry, even if it means losing her best friends along the way? It will take more than magic to keep Charlie out of … A Trunk of Trouble!

chronicles of charlie - a trunk of trouble - book cover - dr. david r smith author