Non-Fiction for Kids

Write Like a Super Hero

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes… and they have many powers. Some can see through walls; others fly fast or run far. Superhero writers have the power to create amazing stories with wonderful descriptions and realistic characters. They know the right words to breathe life into their sentences and paragraphs. No matter what you’re writing—narrative, opinion, or informative texts— this book will be your source of creative power.

Your Words. Your Voice.

​Learning to write shouldn’t be all hard work … it should be fun, too! This writing guide will empower students to write creatively and descriptively by showing them how authors make their ideas come alive. They will learn, step by step, the process behind writing personal narratives, opinion and persuasive articles, arguments, informative writing, and more. Through the use of numerous examples, students will take a close look at the structure of each type of writing. They will learn what the author is up to, how exactly the ideas come together, and the unbreakable connection between reader and writer. This amazing guidebook is full of topics and writing opportunities for students to practice the new skills they are learning.

One Word at a Time

Is your child or student a writer? If learning how to write great stories is something they’d like to learn, then this book is for them. I’ve published a lot of books and short stories, and in this book I’ll show budding young authors how to make their stories unforgettable. The activities in this book are meant to transform all kids—from the hesitant writer to the budding young novelist—into highly skilled and motivated writers. Interested? What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Reading is Believing

Reading is more than just saying the words. This book will inspire students to think, wonder and ask questions about the fiction they are reading. Using high-quality passages from a variety of genres, students will have the opportunity to read deeply and analytically. With engaging literacy lessons and activities, students will learn to see themselves as confident readers with genuine enthusiasm for the written word and its place in their academic and emotional lives.